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Our knowledge and understanding of the Recycling Industry and it's various nuances is our core strength, our deep understanding of Industrial Accounts, and what it takes to service such arrangements often with complex logistical considerations to understand and overcome qualifies us to assess all options available to your business.


Our USP and what really makes us stand out is our willingness and determination to add, maximise and most importantly, sustain value for our Clientele - To initially find the best markets for your material and to discover the most cost-efficient route to market, re-assessing those options at regular intervals to ensure our customers are always ahead of the curve. This willingness, paired with our understanding of Industrial Services and an Open Book approach will unequivocally add value to your bottom line. But first and foremost, we need to understand your needs by way of an initial consultation...

We manage an ever-increasing number of Industrial Accounts including a number of Blue Chip automotive manufacturers, steel and downstream Tier 1 / 2 / 3 producers, benefitting from the economies of scale afforded to us in terms of collective volume, which in turn enables us as seasoned negotiators and steel professionals with direct end-user market access to secure you the most competitive prices and terms for your material, consistently. 


An initial consultation is free of charge and involves us taking a deep dive to fully understand your business, your current arrangements, and your future requirements, as any comprehensive solution will unquestionably need to address servicing & reliability which are fundamental. We respect our Customers' privacy and offer an NDA from the outset. 

We assess your current pricing arrangements whilst considering the current route to market and associated costs thereof whilst also benchmarking your returns against true prevailing market prices, which can also be historically assessed. 3rd Party Indices are used by a number of UK Recyclers to establish monthly prices "fairly". Unfortunately a number of Recycler's also lobbied those indexes & publications to achieve lower purchase prices, which can degrade your pricing arrangement over time. This is why it makes absolute sense to use an Atlas Expert to continually reassess your value in use proposition and make pro-active changes if necessary.  


We will:

  • Establish the best prevailing route to market for your material, whether that be a sale by truck to a UK domestic foundry, a vessel to the Continent, or in shipping containers to South East Asia. 

  • Minimise the cost of processing & logistics in accessing the preferential market using our network of freight providers, affiliated sites, and industry contacts.  

  • Invest in machinery/loading equipment/processing equipment and process change if required to deliver significant added value for our Clients. 

  • Manage process change on-site, in person, and be accountable. 

  • Market your material to every viable outlet based on our extensive portfolio of Customers, Recyclers, and End Consumers. 

  • Regularly review options in line with prevailing market dynamics to ensure ongoing value is delivered.

  • Benchmark prices and provide an executive summary report of our recommendations and how best to manage the transition to ensure no disturbance to Company operations. 

  • Be transparent, ethical, and responsible for completing KYC checks and due diligence on all counterparties.

  • Work on an open book 100% disclosed basis.

  • Be the first one's to Congratulate you if your arrangements have already been maximised. 

  • Use our Economies of Scale to negotiate the best available market price for your waste streams. 

  • Be open to a trial period before Contractual commitment.

  • Only charge a percentage of the value added to your Waste Stream as a result of our work undertaken.

  • Manage the account through a one-person Contact - A forward-thinking problem solver from the Atlas Team to deal with issues before they arise.

  • Manage payments and invoicing on your behalf.

  • Provide suitable financing, guarantee & pre-payment where required. 

  • Take away the administrative burden of administering your account and free up Company time, also handling bespoke weekly reports for account reconciliation. 

  • Commit to delivering sustained added value.

  • Put our Customers first. 

Stack of steel sheets in warehouse for m
Discharging steel coil from vessel's hol



Assuming the board is positively enthusiastic about the prospect of greater returns based on the findings of the Atlas Assessment, we then undertake to manage the process of change and associated additional scope seamlessly to minimise disruption to the business. 


We deal with a number of Clients whose production can not by any means be disrupted during such a process change and it is of paramount importance that our scope of work will not threaten production in any way, alas to say we very well understand the mechanics of your business and will seek to be risk-averse in every respect. 

Terms and Conditions will be mutually agreed and the finer detail will be amicably discussed before we start work on your behalf. 

Automated reports will be delivered weekly as per Customer preference and automatic payments will be scheduled based on our in house company software tied to the weighing mechanism so you can be sure that all waste materials leaving site have been accurately weighed.


Security and protecting your assets will also feature in our plans. Any subcontractor designated to undertake work on behalf of Atlas Commodities Limited for our valued Customer Base will also have a Service Level Agreement in place and have been vetted to ensure compliance with our standard procedures and protocol. 

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