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Our Strategic Working Capital Solutions

We take great pride in working with our customer base to ensure we meet their needs, which often goes beyond a purely transactional relationship. Many want an experienced partner that can help them address key strategic challenges such as cost pressures or short term cash flow hurdles.

By working in close partnership, the Atlas team looks at each challenge holistically in the context of a client’s overall business and long-term goals. Through this highly bespoke approach and through innovation, we have become a trusted partner to a number of Blue Chip International firms. 


Whether you are a demolition contractor, looking for a sizeable prepayment to be drawn down against scrap receipts, a metal merchant looking to finance off take of metal scrap or a producer looking for inward investment for process improvement or top benefit from economies of scale, get in touch today to see what Atlas can do for you.

Key Benefits

Client empathy

Our experienced portfolio managers have a range of backgrounds – from insurance and banking, to commodity trading and waste recycling.


Our empathy with the challenges and pressures that clients face drives us to develop and deliver solutions in the context of each client’s own regulatory framework and history.


Harnessing global resources

We harness our full global resources, providing access to sector revelevant specialists, macro and market insights, operational support and risk oversight.

Helping to simplify

Whether it is insight on a specific issue, ongoing advice or waste sector management, our solutions are there to make life easier for each client.

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Extending Credit Terms

Above all else, we get to know our customers and understand their business. After all, it’s in our interest as well as our counter-party that the business succeeds and we can best do that by working closely with our customers.


We have spent years developing extraordinary connections with end consumers across the world in prevailing markets which in turn allows us to extend credit terms through innovative trading solutions where perhaps it is difficult to obtain by more conventional means. 

We often have arrangements with end consumers in place, such as buying & trading semi finished products that in turn allow us to contra payments and extend further credit terms for supplying raw materials.

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